How can my business be featured on OttawaNeighbours?

Simply drop us a line by filling out our contact form. Provide us with some details including your name, business name and what you do. If you have an interesting story or care to share a few cool points about why you would like to be featured tell us about that too.

What does it cost to be featured on OttawaNeighbours?

We have a number of packages and options to feature your business. Drop us a line and we will send you our media kit. Let’s discuss :)

What is OttawaNeighbours all about?

OttawaNeighbours is publicity, not advertising. Our objective is to feature businesses and tell the human side of the story of the business owner. With the use of social media, we help all businesses generate traffic and interconnect – this is a good thing for everyone involved.

I am technically not a business and don't own a storefront. Can I be featured?

We generally focus on business owners, but in some cases, we will feature community leaders, artists and many more. 

Can I have one of my employees featured instead of me?

At this time, our main focus are business owners. We want to highlight that Ottawa is an amazing city with a thriving business community. Don’t be shy!

Can I be the exclusive business of my kind on OttawaNeighbours?

We don’t offer exclusivity with exception of those who are on our executive team. We do try to make sure that we don’t feature too many businesses of one kind too close together.

Do I get copies of the photos OttawaNeighbours takes of me and my place of business?

We love producing quality content and media. Many of the options in our media kit outline photo use.

How long after the photo shoot will I get my photos and be featured?

Photos are generally released once the interview questions and contract is complete. We also need time for photo editing. As for when you are featured on our blog and social media, it depends on our queue. If you are trying to align your OttawaNeighbours feature with an event or launch or prime business season let’s discuss. We also try to space out competing businesses to avoid overlapping.

How many interview questions are required for the feature? Do I have to answer them?

There are usually 8-10 questions. They are meant to be fun! Without the interview, we are left with an incomplete feature and lost time. Connect with us and we will work together to ensure your feature is complete.

Do I have rights to use the photos on my own promotions?

Connect with us for our media kit as it outlines the many different options. When they are used, we do request that we are credited. Sharing is caring :)

I loved my feature! Can I be featured again?

Absolutely, if you loved the result of your feature, we have a number of promotional opportunities that can generate results such as giveaways, contests and events. Connect with us for ideas and let’s see what might work for you.