Ward 14 - Max & Devon

Ward 14 - Max & Devon

Ward 14 Consignment Bar

Owner: Devon Ford, Max Anisman; Bar & Consignment Store Owners
Neighbourhood: Little Italy
139 Preston St #1, Ottawa, ON K1R 7P4

Interview + Photography: Marianne Rothbauer, Rothbauer Studio


What passion drove you to your business and how did you guys become business partners?

Max: The passion is Vintage.

Devon: It was Max’s idea to combine a consignment  shop with a full service bar, when he explained the concept to me I knew he had something dynamic. 

Photography  @rothbauerphoto

Photography @rothbauerphoto

What does Ottawa bring to your business?

Devon: The people of Ottawa bring money.

Max: The City of Ottawa takes money.


Being in business is tough, what keeps you up at night?

Max: I truly haven’t had good sleep in years...                                                            Devon: I sleep like a baby….in the sense that I get up every couple of hours crying and soiled.

What is your favourite part of your work?

Devon: Conversations! We’re blessed with the eclectic nature of our customers. All the different perspectives discussing the big topics of our times, makes for some great bar chat. 

Max: Making Gravy.


What is the best cocktail Ward 14 serves up?

Devon: They're all so unique, they scratch different itches. Probably “The Good Crazy” (jalapeño and cilantro infused margarita).

Max: All our bartenders get to design their own cocktail for the menu, I enjoy the research and development phase.

Favourite place for coffee or tea?

Devon: Easy…Ministry of Coffee  in Hintonburg.

Max: Yep.


Favourite neighbourhood in Ottawa?

Max: Probably Little Italy all of a sudden.

Devon: Rideau street…I just love what the city has done with it.

What is the best way to spend a day off work?

Devon: Nordik Spa

Max: I love sorting buttons.


If Justin Trudeau would walk into your bar what would he buy?

Max: We have a lot of Canadian folk art he would dig.

Devon: I would try to sell him a national childcare strategy. 

What's the one item in your bar that is not for sale and why?

Max: The giant lava lamp is definitely priced not to move.

Devon: Everything must go! 

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