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Photography by  @rothbauerphoto

Photography by @rothbauerphoto

Tell us a little about yourself? When did you first find the passion for Interior Design?

I am a daughter to two dentists so growing up I always thought I was going to study dentistry. As a child I always excelled in Arts, as well as Science. We came to Canada as diplomats (my dad besides being a dentist is also a politician) and being an international student made me rethink studying dentistry. It was my mom who persuaded me to study Interior Design and embrace my creative side which I got from her. My resourcefulness and multitasking abilities I got from dad!

How is space and design important to you as an individual?

I love space and interior design because I get to meet real people on a personal level, (I am an extrovert, so this is perfect for me!). Then I advise them on how to create the best home possible for themselves. Space planning is the core of Interior Design. I have to get to know people so I can help them find a creative solution to best organize their space while representing their lifestyle and personality.


After working for some design firms you went into business for yourself. Was this a great leap of faith?

I went into business for myself because I could not find a company that truly appreciated free thinking. They all say they welcome self starters, but in every company I felt oppressed or intimidated by hierarchy and it made me really unhappy. Being self employed is the happiest I have been. My clients are so grateful at the end of each project because they have seen the effort that goes into beautifying a space. I immerse myself in each project and they see how much I care for their home. I feel I am truly helping people create something beautiful and I get to make a living doing so!

How has Ottawa supported you?

Since launching my website I realized how many business owners there are helping each other promote local business. It's amazing! There is so much talent in our city. I have gotten amazing feedback on my projects, words of encouragement and promises that when the time comes that they need design help, I'll be their go-to. I am holding everyone to it! haha

When you aren’t pouring over floor-plans or design boards what do you do for fun?

I LOVE the (summer) outdoors. I don't spend enough time outside, but I try my best to run, dine or lay in the sun whenever I can. Also, I have this obsession with music and dancing. While hibernating during the winter months I am most likely watching a video of an amazing talented individual on Youtube waiting to be "discovered" or  watching a television music competition franchise.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Ottawa?

I don't have a favorite neighborhood but my favorite area is Ottawa West. It just has so much to offer design wise, most of my clients and suppliers are in the west end. I've also lived in the west end for most of my 11 years in Ottawa so I guess it just feels like home more than any other area.


As a business owner, what keeps you up at night?

Complete failure of course, and not having enough hours in a day to run my business profitably and have a healthy personal life.

Is there a dream project that you hope to work on one day?

I'd love to work on a California-tropical inspired home. A mix of classic and modern nautical decor with a palm spring oasis as a backyard. Someone needs to let me put hammocks in their backyard! haha

One last question. Ceilings…popcorn or smooth?

If budget doesn't allow for a ceiling detail like expose beams or coffered ceiling, then smooth. Always go for a smooth ceiling!

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