The Dailey Method - Sarah & Jamie

The Dailey Method - Sarah & Jamie

The Dailey Method Ottawa


Interview: Nikki Gillingham, Blue Whale Communications

Photographer: Marianne Rothbauer, Rothbauer Studio


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started. 

We’ve both always had a desire to be entrepreneurs and have been involved in high level sports our whole lives. The fitness studio was the perfect combination. It played into our knowledge of athletics, our love for sports, and our knowledge of business. We both have business degrees from the University of Ottawa. Jamie also has marketing and communications experience from 4 years of employment in The Federal Government. Lastly, the class instructor component tied in our experience as high school teachers in Vancouver. It was actually while we were there that Sarah found The Dailey Method. After taking classes and getting involved in the Vancouver community for three years, we bought the franchise, moved across the country (back to our hometown of Ottawa), had a wedding and opened The Dailey Method, all in under a year.


What made you decide to open a fitness studio in Ottawa?

We both have a strong athletic background (both of us were college tennis players in the US) and a passion for health and fitness. What really drew us to it was that we saw an opportunity to create a community, a happy place for our clients, where everyBODY can achieve their health and fitness goals. We also loved the idea that we’d get to be active on the job.

Barre and Spin? How do they complement each other?

In our Dailey Barre classes, you create long, lean and toned muscles, which will help boost your metabolism as you continue to burn calories even after the class is finished. We also spend almost a quarter of every class stretching, which means that in a single class your entire workout is complete. Our classes are the most effective and efficient way to health and fitness out there!

In our Dailey Cycle classes you burn a crazy amount of calories in just 45 minutes. The high energy, musically infused, full body workout leaves you with more energy for the rest of your day. Plus, you can measure your rides and track your progress on our top of the line Stages SC3 bikes!

We also offer yin yoga & myofascial Dailey Release classes to compliment the muscle strengthening you get from Dailey Barre & Cycle. Yin yoga allows your body to open and release through holding passive postures and stretches, while Dailey Release improves muscle efficiency as well as reduce inflammation, pain, and chronic stress in the body.

Most importantly, all of our offerings can be used as a moving meditation, a chance to leave your day and any stresses at the door and be in your body.


You’ve recently celebrated four years – congratulations! What is something surprising you’ve learnt along the way?

Running a small business is tough, but so rewarding, especially since over the past four years our dream of creating a community first has become a reality. Luckily, it is so much better than we could have ever imagined! We have attracted some of the most talented and caring teachers and genuinely wonderful clients who make our studio a true happy place for so many. What is most inspiring is to see the friendships that have started, grown and flourished because of our studio. To give just one example, a group of clients, who didn’t know each other before coming to our studio, are traveling to Scotland together to hike the West Highland Way in May.

What advice do you have for people who are nervous about getting started or going to their first class?

Trying something new takes a lot of courage, so be kind to yourself and know that everyone started somewhere. Each of our classes is customizable to meet you and your needs, from the equipment to the exercises. More importantly, our incredible team truly care about your success in each and every class. Ask questions and know you are in great hands and in good company. We constantly receive feedback that we have one of the most welcoming, open and supportive communities they’ve ever experienced. Lastly, one of our teachers likes to say the only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen. Don’t overthink it, join us!


What’s your favourite class to teach?

Sarah: It really depends on the day. Some days I just want to jump on the bike and have a dance party. Other days, helping my students to get a better understanding of their bodies in a gentle barre class feeds my soul. I love the class variety that we offer as a student and teacher.

Jamie: There was definitely a stretch where I was just loving Dailey Cycle. But, Dailey Fusion and Interval are also high energy and a lot of fun to teach. A classic Dailey Barre class is a great way to go in-depth into an exercise and really see clients “get it”. That can be such a rewarding experience. So, I guess it goes in cycles and after over four years, I have to say, I still really enjoy teaching them all.

What’s it like to be a part of the Glebe business community?

It is exactly that, a community. To give you an example, we are in the process of finding a new space to relocate our studio. Since the moment we found out, other business owners, community members and clients have been showering us with support and ideas that will help to keep us in the Glebe. Being a part of the Glebe business community feels like being a part of a family.


Other than spin and barre, how do you like to keep active in the Ottawa winters?

Jamie plays as much outdoor hockey and tennis as possible and we both love going for walks, especially in Gatineau Park. Our favourite spot is the Mackenzie King Estates. We recently jumped on the Rideau Canal for a skate, just a stone’s throw away from our studio and where we live, which always reminds us how lucky we are in to live in Ottawa. 

What’s your favourite local restaurant to recover post-TDM workout?

You’re probably going to laugh, but we love Shawarma Palace! They not only catered our wedding, but we make it a priority to go almost every week. We don’t eat out much, though. We both really love to cook, especially Indian food. It is an easy way to eat less meat (we like to think of ourselves as weekday vegetarians) and still get amazingly flavourful food.


What’s typically found in your coffee mug?

Sarah: Earl Grey tea (milk and honey are a must!) or a latte.

Jamie: water. I don’t drink caffeine, so Sarah does for the both of us.

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