Kelly (Trove Fashion)

Kelly (Trove Fashion)

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started? How long have you been in this location? 

I started in the consignment business with my sister who owns Trove Décor, a fantastic consignment boutique in Bells corners which carries home décor pieces.  Not only has fashion always been a passion of mine, I have always been a strong believer that money cannot buy style...  conversely you do not need to break the bank to have great style! It's all about how you put it together....  I opened Trove Fashion in Hintonburg July of 2017 and it has been amazing!


What's the highest in demand item?

Sunglasses and purses! Especially high end ones....  I can't keep them on the shelf!  A good problem to have ;)


Whats your favourite item to sell (that goes with everything)?

Well this probably changes on a weekly basis but right now I would say white sneakers.  They can look so great with anything from jeans to a maxi dress.  Such a cute look :)


What is your favourite type of customer?

The ideal consignment shopper loves to change up their wardrobe frequently with minimal impact on the environment as well as their wallets!  Consignment shopping is such a great way to keep your closet fresh and minimal… a good ‘minimalist closet’ goal is to regularly wear 75% of what’s in your closet the consignment process will definitely help you get there.


Have you ever received/sold a clothing item that came with a funny story or was previously owned by someone famous?

It's not really a funny story but interesting... we had a beautiful silk coat that was handmade from silk purchased in Japan during World War II by one of my clients’ grandfathers. It was a beautiful piece!


Alanis Morisette walks into your store, what item(s) will she walk out with?

We sell these fantastic healing gemstone bracelets made by a wonderful lady who owns Nurture here in Westboro.  Each have their own unique healing qualities and come with an essential oil which is dabbed onto the porous volcanic rock beads... it holds the scent all day.  They are amazing!! 


Coffee or tea?



Nutella Latte at Ministry of coffee :)

Guilty pleasure?

'So Delicious' cashew ice cream... the best thing I have ever eaten in my life... especially the salted caramel one.... sooo good!

What is your favourite clothing brand?

Favourite is hard! The brand I find I wear the most lately is Madewell.  Their clothes have a way of being casual and relaxed, yet pretty. 

Favourite Bar in town?

Went for the first time recently and absolutely loved Bar Laurel... such a cool spot with great drinks! 


Favourite neighbourhood in Ottawa?

Hintonburg... hands down!!  The best vibe out of any neighbourhood in Ottawa.  Everyone is so laid back and friendly, but with a little edge.  


Whats the worst decade for fashion in your opinion?

Definitely the 2000's, I think mostly because low rise jeans were in ... the worst!




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