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Ottawa Free Tours - André LaFlamme

“Ottawa has a surprisingly seedy and colourful history.  Many people look at it today as a clean, safe city to raise a family, but back in the day Ottawa (or Bytown as it was known) was considered one of the more drunken, violent and seedy cities in North America. It was mostly settled by hard-nosed lumberjacks and heavy drinking canal workers, none of whom ever really got along.“

David Gourlay

“I am a born and raised Kanata North kid and chose to stay here as I love the community we have become to raise a family. My Father was a career Diplomat and taught me the value of public service, giving back and the importance of self-respect and being a champion to educate others about our community….”

123 Petits Pas - Amy

“First and foremost I am the proud maman of my beautiful boy Jude. I am a French teacher, new business owner of 123 Petits Pas, and am soon to be married to Jude’s Dada (this summer). I have lived in Ottawa for 8+ years and absolutely adore this city.”