Louis Pizza

Louis Pizza

Louis Pizza
181 McArthur Avenue, Ottawa ON,  6137410724

Photography  Marianne Rothbauer

Photography Marianne Rothbauer

Since opening in 1960 Louis Pizza has become an institution in Vanier. What inspires you to create the amazing food you do?

Definitely our customers are our inspiration! It’s a passion that we made a living out of. Putting smiles on our customers faces and making them happy, satisfied, and full helps us continue to work as hard as we do.


It seems your customers all know you and your family on a first name basis. How is it running a business with so many loyal customers who you know on a personal level?

Some customers come on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. They become part of the family. We sometimes see our customers more often than our own families. It is extremely gratifying to know that our loyal customers are satisfied and that they continue coming back to see us.


I would say you are more like a neighbour to your customers than just a local pizza parlour. Does this change your approach to making any changes to your business?

We are very happy and hope to continue our relationships with our customers.

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Do you see any changes or exciting new things for Louis Pizza in the future?

Since the 1960’s we never delivered pizza. But who knows maybe that’s to come! So we can cater to those who cannot pick up their food.


When you aren’t busy with the restaurant, which is likely a very rare occasion knowing the restaurant business, what do you do for fun?

If we are not at the restaurant we are amongst our families celebrating birthdays, holidays or weddings.


Visiting Louis’ it felt like we met your whole family. How many generations of your family have worked in the restaurant?

5 generations have worked at Louis’. It’s truly an amazing feeling and hopefully more generations to come.


The actor Dan Aykroyd was born in Ottawa. If he came back to visit and by chance popped into Louis’ (let’s say he was very hungry) what would you recommend he order?

I would welcome him to the city by making him our famous dough sign with his name complementary and designed by the owner Mounir. Definitely would suggest half Louis special half meat lover pizza. So he can taste a little of both. Served with out freshly cut fries with our homemade garlic sauce. And of course cannot forget a slice of our famous made in house coconut cream pie that is mouth watering.

We hear you play a special song when it’s someone’s birthday. What song is it?

We shut the lights ad a candle to the slice of cake and play "Happy Birthday" by Eddy Howard.....they get a real kick out of it.

You decorate your pizza’s and use fried potatoes and pizza dough to make letters and shapes for special celebrations. What inspired Louis to start doing this?

Mounir the owner always had a creative side to him that he is able to express in his pizzas, most importantly showing our customers how much we appreciate them is what thrives us to continue keeping them happy.

Louis’ atmosphere is warm and inviting. There is an instant nostalgia when walking into your restaurant which is like stepping back into a simpler time. Is this important to the Louis’ experience?

Most definitely we want our customers to feel comfortable, like they are stepping into their family home. Sometimes you don’t always need fancy tables or seats to be served great food.

You are involved in the community too! How does this shape Louis’ for your customers and employees?  

Vanier has been our home since the beginning, we contribute and support the community and in return they support us ....one big happy family.

If you could say one thing to those in Ottawa who haven’t tried Louis’ yet, what would you say?

Come to Louis’ we promise not to disappoint you. The quality and quantity speak for itself.

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