Wolfe & Co. - Theresia

Wolfe & Co. - Theresia

Wolfe & Co
Owner: Theresia Wolfe

Tell us a little about yourself and Wolfe & Co.

Where to start. Most people would describe me as an extreme extrovert. I will strike up a conversation with just about anyone who will listen. I think it’s my love for connecting with people and listening to their unique stories and getting a glimpse inside their world that intrigues me about people and businesses. I’ve always been a storyteller - just ask my family - I don’t shut up.
It was my passion for connecting with people and my innate drive to help others that led me to create Wolfe & Co. Wolfe & Co was born after having landed a few contracts/clients and I had to submit my company name. So literally, overnight.

The best way to describe what we do is that we help businesses stand out from the noise. Three years ago, businesses were simply urged to be online. Period. Now everyone is online and it’s hard to stand out in the crowds. Through strategic planning and communications, Wolfe & Co. helps businesses build a brand and digital presence unlike any other while keeping true to why you started your business in the first place.

Photography  @rothbauerphoto

Photography @rothbauerphoto

What inspires you about brand strategies and social media?

The potential. Each and every day, I am inspired by the massive amounts of potential businesses have today to succeed in business. Once they have a strategic plan and fully understand what their brand is, companies can harness social media and other FREE marketing platforms to grow their business exponentially.

To think that years ago, starting a business would be such a daunting and expensive thing – it was only available to those with certain opportunities rather than what we see today – where those who truly just want it enough, can and will succeed.

Do you think most businesses forget to tell a story when communicating to their customers?

I think there is an overload of selling in the marketplace. In such a digital and fast-paced world that we live in, we are being sold to several hours a day.

The disconnect lies in properly articulating what’s unique about your business and it's people. “Telling your story” is certainly one piece to this, however, more so, it’s communicating your services in a way so that you’re speaking directly to your IDEAL client. And a lot of businesses struggle to do this.

It’s as simple as remembering why your product or service was created. If you can communicate this – you’ll be able to stand out from the noise.


When you aren’t helping people and companies build their brands what do you do for fun?

I literally had to text my girlfriend (phone a friend!) for help on this question because I honestly feel like fun and work are one in the same. My husband and I both run our own businesses, and so our life and everything we do is very intermixed with our businesses. Since we don’t have kids yet, it’s pretty much always just work & fun mixed together. A lot of the time our clients also become our friends, so we end up naturally doing both if that makes sense. If I had to answer this question in a more boring, straightforward way…I’d say, I enjoy reading, doing yoga or being active, laying in the sun (sun goddess to the CORE!) and socializing with good friends, food, and wine!

What did it feel like when you made the decision to work for yourself and become a business owner?

I knew I wanted to eventually break off and do my own thing, but I believe that there is a time for everything. And so, when I got to the point where it was literally painful enough to work for someone else, my drive to go out on my own was in effect strong enough to build something at that time. It’s a rather long story how it all played out (storyteller, through and through) BUT the feeling that I remember the most was the moment I landed my first client. It was a pure moment of BLISS, encouragement and above all else, confidence. Definitely a lot of panic, but I believe panic has truly helped propel my career, so I welcome it with open arms!


Is there something in being in business for yourself that keeps you up at night?

There are a lot of things that run through your mind on the daily when you run your own ship. It’s not all donuts and sparkling wine! Your clients are like your newborn children and so I am constantly looking after them and ensuring they are taken care of. My heart is truly in everything that I do, so this can get overwhelming at times when you’re managing expectations and sometimes the hardest ones to manage are your own!

Funny enough, I sleep like a baby now that I run my own business. In the past, working for companies, it was like I couldn’t get work off my mind. It would keep me up at night – likely the stress. When you have control over your work, the outcomes, the wins, and the losses – there is a sense of peace that comes with that. I honestly have never felt this much at peace.

What is your favourite Ottawa brand?

There are loads of awesome brands in Ottawa, it’s really too hard to choose! What I find most impressive are the small businesses that have a great social presence, because you know they are hustling to make this happen with fewer resources. I love what Union Street Café is doing on Instagram.

How does a business choose which social media platforms to be on?

Wherever their ideal clients live!


Do you have a dream project?

I do, but if I told you, I’d have to kill you.

How has Ottawa supported you in launching a business?

When I moved to Ottawa just over 10 years ago, I quickly realized how tight-knit this community is. Once I started working and networking, it was almost scary really how small this beautiful place is! I haven’t taken advantage of the many business offerings that Ottawa offers for entrepreneurs, but I do plan on getting more involved locally and connecting more with our community in the coming months. Spoiler Alert: I have some awesome local events planned that will be launching very soon.

Who is your favourite Ottawa celebrity?

What’s the definition of a celebrity? A person you see that makes your heart skip a beat, gets you excited, has you jumping up and down like a fangirl, who you can’t keep your eyes off of and who you may or may not have a mild obsession with?

Well then, it’ll have to be my husband. He is literally the reason I smile every day.

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